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Ad Loader

A single tool to launch your campaigns to all the top ad networks simultaneously.

  • Pre-integrated with Google, Facebook, Bing, Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, Snap, TikTok, Pinterest, and continuously adding more
  • Powerful Templating tool removing the repetitive tasks of creating a campaign
  • Permutative engine for creatives, campaign objective, countries, devices, FB Pages, bid types, conversion events
  • Simultaneous multi-channel launch for faster speed
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And even more platforms are on the way.


Fully customizable rules engine performing tasks based on triggers for specific metrics such as profitability, CPC, CPA, CTR, CPM, etc.

  • Activate/Pause campaigns, ad set, ads 
  • Bid/Bid type changes
  • Budget changes
  • Campaign, ad set, and ad duplication
  • Keyword expansion for Google/Bing search networks for search market-makers, keyword expansion on the buy-side
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reporting screen


A custom reporting tool that allows for a more granular analysis of your data.

  • Pre-integrated with top 10 ad networks for spend data, can expand to any source the client wants to use
  • Integration with revenue data via API, FTP, email, etc... no limitation there
  • Real-time aggregate reporting dashboard showing the profitability of each campaign, source, media buyer, etc.
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These and other platforms are in the works:
CakeHas Offers by TuneEverflow

Control Center

Roles and permissions tool facilitating access control for:

  • Ad accounts (all networks)
  • Facebook Pages and Pixels
  • Monetization (when multiple, great for agencies)
  • Domains, clients, brands, networks
  • Source tags
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